No matter the size your church organization or membership base. As the general overseer of chief financial officer of a church, it is important for you to pay detailed attention to the inflow and outflow of cash in your church.

Most churches, see the need of having a well-documented accounting policy as trifle – The reason being, it is God’s house. Everyone is expected to be transparent and open.

Asides protecting an organization from financial theft, this post describes how an accounting software can be beneficial to your church

  • You can plan church budget based on the cash flow trend. Let’s say you want to open a new branch, how would you budget for it if you don’t have a detailed account of your cash flow.
  • You can plan your budget either monthly, termly, quarterly or annually
  • You can also track the expenses you make (worker’s salaries, petty expense i.e. fuel money, etc.) to know when you are spending above board


How QuickBooks Can Be Implemented for Churches

Every church has its membership base, and these members are key to the churches’ income.
In QuickBooks, you can have records of your member, and the tithes, special donations – seed offering, thanksgiving etc. will be mapped to an income account. Here, income generated by a particular member can be easily seen.

You can also track your expenses (this includes both petty and major expense) on the hour and these can be mapped to a particular expense account


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