Are you looking for tips on how to integrate your online store with QuickBooks Desktop or Online Version? This guide will help you understand what integrating QuickBooks with an online store does and how to effectively implement this processes.

These tips work for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise Solutions and Online Version.

Inventory – We already assume you have an online store which provides a platform for customers to view all your products and their prices. Integrating your inventory ensures that all the products on your store are also synchronized with QuickBooks based on a pre-defined setting. As customers place an order for your products, it, therefore, means that the quantity available in store should reduce accordingly which eventually reduce the quantity available in QuickBooks.

Sales – In addition to the entries above, the sales section of your QuickBooks (Sales Receipt) will also be updated to reflect the new order placed on your online store.

Customers – If the customers that placed the order on your online store is not available in customer center dashboard of QuickBooks, it will be added automatically but if it’s an existing customer, the system will update the transactions history of the customer.
Those are the three (3) areas QuickBooks can be integrated with your online stores for real-time reporting.
Benefits of Integration:

  • It saves times and increases efficiency.
  • It eliminates error and duplication of entries
  • It makes you focus on increasing sales as the backend reporting is already taken care of.
  • You can rely on QuickBooks financial report.

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