Multi-Location Based Inventory and Accounting System
Understanding a customer’s needs and helping them make wise decisions on how to manage their inventory has been a challenge in today’s business environment. Common problems faced with Inventory management are: Ordering quantities, safety stock, lead time, stock out, monitoring stock levels (raw materials, and supplies, or finished products, and optimizing stock across multiple warehouses, etc..

We understood this challenge and had provided you with an application that can help you automate and Manage your Multi-location Inventories with Ease.- ‘MatOnline Financial solutions. (Read more……..****here she might put link to matonline)****
Our Inventory Management module helps you handle through the process of sourcing, storing and selling your stocks – both the raw materials and finished goods. It gives you the privilege of maintaining and monitoring what your inventory/stock level is ( raw materials, and supplies, or finished products, in the right place and at the right cost they are sold anywhere and anytime.

Our application covers:
*Multi-Location stocking, LPOs, Material receipts, stock replenishment, stock transfers, physical stock (stock count and stock variance), stock adjustment, item categories, price levels and price lists, Barcode tracking, multi- level BOM etc, and sales and delivery.

Our application is very simple to , flexible and affordable: Request for a demo now….. or call: 09092942048; 07017034614.