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MAT Online

MAT Online (Web Version) also MAT Financials (Desktop Version) is an all in one financial software for service and product-based inductries, comprising of modules like:

  • MAT Accounting
  • MAT Inventory
  • MAT Fixed Asset
  • MAT Payroll
  • MAT Point Of Sale
  • MAT Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Multi location inventory

MATOnline is targeted towards small, medium and growing businesses (SMEs), providing them with a reliable and accurate process for organizing expenses, invoicing, business payments, Purchases, Bank Reconciliation, Budgeting, Advanced Access Rights and other transactions.

Whether your business is new or old, it needs an efficient financial system for growth and stability. Having your books in top shape all year round is an achievement that can help your business function smoothly and provide grounds for sound and promising business decisions. As your accounting needs continue to grow with your business, it is imperative to pay careful thought to a long term and viable solution for this vital part of your business and MATOnline is developed to fill this vacuum. By acquiring MATOnline to take care of all your accounting needs, you will be ensuring your business a step in the right direction.


  • User friendly and intuitive dashboard. Accessible Anywhere, Anytime on any device
  • Allows Multiple Users Creation and Advanced Access Controls- Role-based privilege settings
  • Enable multi-task by working on different parts of the program.
  • Improved Accounting Controls & Instant access to information
  • Automate your inventory management- Track inventories across locations, transfer, upload of batch sales rate and physical count/stock
  • Advanced Pricing Feature- Automate your Pricing Strategy
  • Maintain effective Transactions Work flow
  • Simplifies Data entry process, & Reduces Paper errors
  • Increased centralization of your business activities
  • Automated reports and analysis
  • Search Facility
  • With the Basic Payroll module, your employees’ details and salary processing becomes easy.
  • With the POS, you can ring sales , track your inventories, customer/supplier data, and get reports on each sales reps, and run reports all in one place
  • Determine the profitability on your Farm produces with the Farm/Manufacturing Module
  • Advanced Budget Feature- Determine Profitability of Budgeted cost against the Actual cost
  • Determines financial stability of your business at a glance
  • Automatic Backup , data security- no Virus issues or system crash.
  • Dedicated Support

MAT Accounting

The Accounting module handles your basic accounting processes: order management, sales/ invoicing, purchases, Petty Expenses, Journal entries, Bank Reconciliation, etc.
Bank Reconciliation Billing & Invoicing Customers & Suppliers Centre.
Profit & Loss statement by cost centers- departments, projects etc Cash Management Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
Sales Orders/Purchase Orders Users Creation Management Customers & Vendor List Management
VAT Computation and filling Chart Of Accounts/Account Ledgers
Estimates & Quotes Financial Statements Excel Import/Export
Company settings Financial Year settings
Journal Entries Set up Budgets & View Variance Reports Create and Send Branded Invoices
Create Customizable Reports Set Reminder Alerts Handle Multiple Currency
Multi-users Access Set individual user permission to control access to sensitive information
Track balance sheet by class such as a location, department, or a profit centre. Aging summary report for account receivables and payables. Transaction Registers and Details.
Sales/purchase Summary.

MAT Inventory

The Inventory Management module covers Multi location inventory, LPOs, Material receipts, stock replenishment, stock transfers, physical stock (stock count and stock variance), stock adjustment, Item groups, Advanced Price levels, Barcode tracking, Multi- level BOM, Multiple Unit of measure, etc.
Monitor Inventory Levels View Product History See Replenishing Points
Multi-warehouse Inventory Batch Tracking & Expiring Date notification Order Management
Asset Tracking Access inventory items all in one place with the Inventory Centre Inventory Registers and Details
Inventory Optimization Barcode Tracking Stock Card
Multi-level Categories Stock Transfer Set Up Items - (Stock, Services, Assembly)
Set Up Price Levels & Price Lists Stock Adjustments Generate Reports Based on: -Stock Count, -Stock Details(Inflow/Outflow of Stock Per Location), -Stock Variance

MAT Fixed Asset Management

The Fixed Asset Management module collates all fixed assets in one place.

  • Asset grouping and tracking in multiple locations
  • Fixed Asset Schedule/Reporting
  • Comply with Corporate Governance
  • Asset History, Status & Depreciation

MAT Point Of Sale (POS)

With the POS module, you can Ring Sales, Accept contactless payments, sales receipts on the go, track and manage inventories across sales points or stores, Customers/ Suppliers data, reports by stores and sales reps, data sits automatically into your financials, etc

  • Track the number of sales per salesman/store
  • Manage Sales Prices and Discounts
  • Add company logo to printed sales receipts
  • Sales Tax(VAT) Sales Payments/Change return
  • Manage quantity of on-site inventory with Barcode
  • Track Items quantities/Item cost/Sales Price
  • Access built-in tutorials for common tasks in Help Menu
  • Accomodate Unit of Measures
  • Ring sales with barcode scanner
  • Create and manage staff access
  • Automatically track inventory
  • Track petty cash pay-outs
  • Set up payment account
  • Manage Price Levels

MAT Business Intelligence


  • Intuitive
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Dynamic Information Distribution
  • Intelligent Alert
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

MAT Payroll

The Payroll module covers your basic payroll processing, managing your employees’ details, PAYE, Pension, Bonus & deductions, Salary processing, Pay-slips.

  • Employee Information
  • Salary Processing
  • Payslip Generation
  • Payroll Registers and Details
  • Statutory Deductions e.g Payee, Pension
  • Bonus & deduction.

MAT Farm/ Manufacturing Module

The Farm Management/Manufacturing module is helps you manage and keep proper records of your farm produces. It covers the farm build/productions with relation to their departments/ projects, farm profitability report by their profit centers, Birds mortality, etc.

  • Create Departments and Projects
  • Farm Build: Farm Harvesting, Farm Transfers and Farm produce Adjustments
  • Farm Activity Report
  • Farm Profitability Report & by Department Report
  • Birds Motality
Farm Manufacturing Build
Employee's Pay Slip
Account Ledgers
Balance Sheet Report
General Journal
Income Statement/Profit and Loss Standard
Item List
Item Standard Price List
Petty Expenses
Process Monthly Employees' Salary