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About Us

Magnet Consulting Associates Limited(MCAL)

Magnet Consulting Associates Limited (MCAL) is an IT consulting and Business Technology company that has carved a niche for itself as the leading provider of reliable business solutions for SME, growing and large businesses.

At MCAL, we are a team of experts made up of smart minds dedicated to offering qualitative, simple, intuitive, end-to-end IT and business solutions ranging from Accounting ,Payroll, HR management processes for large corporates and small/medium enterprises (SME) with the consciousness of creating a leadership edge in the ever evolving marketplace. In the last decade, we have sought to build and design simplified processes and solutions for our partners. This has carved a niche for us in the business technology sector as a trusted provider of clear cut paths business solutions for small and large businesses. Starting out as a consulting firm, we saw that the marketplace was flooded with complex processes which the products available then could not meet. We saw the need for innovating simpler processes and that decision has birthed cutting edge solutions that make us stand out.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

Every business wanting to attain success must focus on what their customer wants and delivers it. This is what has taken us far at MCAL and our partners can attest to it. We listen to our clients, pay attention to every detail they need solutions for and deliver straight on.


Integrity is crucial for our professional credibility. We are honest in the way we transact with our clients/partners. We don’t take shortcuts or play by our own rules. We do the right things even when no one is watching.


At MCAL, we believe that there is a way to do things better and we find it. We constantly create new things. We make use of best skills to build processes, solutions that are unique and put our clients ahead in the market space. This we achieve through client intuition and interactions. We have built our expertise around simple businesses processes. We thrive on our ability to simplify complex business processes for both SMEs and large organizations. We do all these with the consciousness that as time passes on we will be known for our exploits far and wide.


For us at MCAL, excellence is not an act but a habit. We strive continuously to make sure our processes and solutions are carefully tailored to surpass the evolving demands of our clients/partners and the business technology space at large.



To create the edge of leadership for all our clients/partners using simple and effective business technology solutions.


To become the leading provider of ICT and business technology solution that enable organisations to run efficiently.