QuickBooks Accounting Software For Charities In Nigeria

Are you looking for an Accounting software that will manage all the financial records of your charity organisations? Here is a review of how QuickBooks will effectively manage your cash flows:

1. QuickBooks has a feature called ‘Invoice’ which is designed to track all pledges and promises made by donors.

2. When you receive cash as donations or gift from individuals, organisations or government agencies, QuickBooks has a receipt feature to track all cash inflow to your bank account.

3. In some cases, donors could be foreign organisations which gives rise to foreign currency conversions, QuickBooks has a multiple currency window designed to accurately track all international payment transactions.

4. When you incur expenses from your petty cash or write cheque from a bank account, Quickbooks has an expense window ‘Write Cheque’ designed to record all expenses incurred for a specified period. In addition to that, when you incur an expenses that has not been paid for, QuickBooks has an ‘Enter Bill’ window to record all outstanding expenses.

5. QuickBooks also provide a real time reporting functions that let’s you view your Income & Expenditures, Statement of Assets & Liabilities, Cashflow Statements and other relevant reports you may wish to view for decision making


For more information on how we can set your charity organisation up on QuickBooks, Call 09092942048, 08175420054 or SEND us your request: info@magnetgroupng.com

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