Master Your Business with QuickBooks Accounting Software

From Retail and Wholesale, Distribution, Healthcare, Public Relations, Financial Service, Hospitality, Engineering and Construction and much more, We have trained Business Owners Like You to Use QuickBooks with Confidence.

Why Choose Our QuickBooks Get Started Training?

See how to set up QuickBooks for your business: You’ll learn how to tailor QuickBooks so it’s just right for your business. Every business is different. We’ll show you how to configure QuickBooks so it fits the way yours works.

Find the best way to control your finances: Learn how to track and make sense of your finances with QuickBooks. Our instructor will show you how to monitor your accounts so you always know where your company stands – and they’ll demonstrate how to use the data when making business decisions.

Get lots of hands-on experience: We’ll give you the confidence that comes from learning by doing.Our training gives you the chance to get hands-on with the latest QuickBooks software. That means we won’t just demonstrate features of QuickBooks – we’ll let you try them for yourself.

See how to organise information effectively: Understand the fundamentals of good record-keeping.See how you can use QuickBooks as a place to store key business data. It’ll help you find things more easily and keep your business compliant with Tax rule in Nigeria.

Our expert will answer your specific questions: There’s plenty of time to get your questions answered by the workshop leader. You’ll be able to ask anything you need to.

Practical QuickBooks Accounting Software Course: A combination of Latest QuickBooks Release  and Practical Industry Transaction Case

Course outline: BASIC CLASS

  • Setting up suppliers, customers, banks, charts of accounts, employees & VAT
  • Setting up Opening Balances: Owners’ Equity, Banks, Receivables, Payables and Banks
  • Managing inventory & purchase order
  • Managing raw materials conversion to finished goods
  • Adjusting your stock levels
  • Creating estimates &manages invoices
  • Tracking your business expenses
  • Managing your petty cash, bank accounts and reconcile bank statement


  • Setting up foreign currencies, exchange rate and track International transactions
  • Company’s snapshot and other reports customization.
  • Inventory Management for Multiple Warehouse Location.
  • Advanced Stock Pricing
  • Creating and Managing Class.
  • Maintenance and Re-mapping of Chart of Accounts.
  • Setup user preference
  • Merging records.
  • Memorizing transactions.


  • Asset purchase and depreciation
  • Journal adjustment and management
  • Job Accounting and Job management.
  • Template management
  • Access Control Management
  • Price list levels
  • Audit trail.
  • Year-End task
  • Set-up Multiple Users on a network.

Participants get a practical QuickBooks manual

Regular & Weekend Classes Available

Refreshments inclusive.

Suitable certification for business owners, employees, managers, graduates, and business analysts etc.

Certificates awarded to participants on completion of the program.

Each workshop includes plenty of time for questions and you’ll have access to a computer running QuickBooks so you can learn how to use the features properly.

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