Are you a small business owner looking for tips on how to get your accounting records set-up in QuickBooks? Here are the list of account balances you should have for easy migration to QuickBooks in 24hrs.

  1. Customer or Jobs List
  2. List of Vendors (if any)
  3. Fixed Assets List & Current Value.
  4. List of Bank Account Balances & Petty Cash Balances at Hand
  5. Inventory Names, Cost of Purchases, Sales Price & Quantity.
  6. Account Receivables – List of Debtors & Balances
  7. Account Payables – List of Creditors & Balances
  8. Any Outstanding Expenses Payable to Vendors
  9. Tax Agencies & VAT Payable Balances
  10. Loan or Facilities Offered (if any)
  11. Owners’ Earnings or Additional Capital (if available)
  12. Names of Income & Expense Channels.

If you have the aforementioned list and balances, we will set-up your accounting records on QuickBooks under 24hours.

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