Are you looking for the best accounting software to manage & run your medical centre, healthcare or pharmacy and business? Here is a review on how QuickBooks can organize your sales record, track stocks and generate a financial report of your health-related services.

Drug Sales – QuickBooks has an item List features that covers all your Drugs name, cost and selling price, Quantity on hand and re-order alert. This feature helps you to track daily, weekly and monthly sales from your drugs.

Healthcare services: You can track all income received from medical services and consult.

Inventory Report: QuickBooks run a complete inventory report at the end of a specific period to track changes in stock on hand as a result of sales, additional receipt of stocks on purchase request or damage stocks.

If you do manufacturing, the software tracks all your raw materials, create room for production set-up and automatically calculate bill of materials (cost of production per unit).

If you run on multiple warehouses, the system has a feature that tracks all the stocks at each of your stores on a real-time and monitor transfers

Report: You can run a complete financial report to measure your business performance based on income trends, cash flow or profit realized. Also, you can generate your stock report, statement of financial position and cash flow reports necessary for management decisions


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