Are you looking for an accounting software for your poultry farming business? Here is a review of how QuickBooks can help you track your business transactions.

In implementing a business software, understanding the nature of the client’s business as well as the client’s needs is paramount. Without fully understanding the clients business type, your implementation may not produce the desired result

Highlights of what poultry farmers look for in an accounting software

  • Keep track of farming equipment and their value
  • Track all feed purchases, unit of measures, quantity in store, material consumed, and their corresponding cost
  • Monitor the value of crate of eggs produced, livestock, as a summary of sales and expenses incurred on site.
  • Overall farm performance, profit or loss, customers who owe you, cash flow etc.

Deploying QuickBooks Accounting Software for Poultry farmers 
First of all, I would need information on account balances, customers and receivables, suppliers and payables, livestock on hand, fixed assets, bank details and other information needed for setting up the software

Down to the business of the day – how the software is implemented for poultry farmers.

I will customize QuickBooks accounting software to accommodate poultry farmers using this method:

To add current inventories, I use the “Item List” window to load all livestock, feeds, crates of eggs and map them to cost of sales and sales income account

For Livestock productions, I use “Adjust Stock Window” to increase the quantity and value and select the equity account as the corresponding credit leg for the “Inventory account”. The cost of production (livestock feeds and other production expenses) are already accounted for as the cost of sales.

For sales, there is “Invoice” and “Sales Receipt” window designed for credit and cash respectively.

All chicken coop (hen house) will be treated as fixed assets and their cost appropriately recorded Provision for depreciation will also be made for future replacement.

Reports like banking, fund transfer, reconciliation, sales summary, stock report, profit or loss, cash flow, statement of financial position will also be made available to the poultry farmers for decision-making

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