Are you an hotelier, manager or accountant, who manages a hotel outfit and looking for a reliable accounting software for hotels in Nigeria?

Here is a review of how QuickBooks Accounting Software can help you track your income and expenses, manage your restaurant or bar business, track your room letting services and generate an accurate financial report of your hotel business.

Items – You can set-up all your income channels in QuickBooks like Rooms set-up with code or number descriptions, bar drinks and food items and so on. This feature will monitor all the revenue that comes from your hotel services.

Customers’ List: You can add all the list of your customers, contact details and outstanding account balances or advance payment

Suppliers’ List: QuickBooks can also help you manage your suppliers’ database and track outstanding payments or account payable balances. This will help you track all the amounts owed to your product suppliers.

Report: You can view a real-time report of your business activities – Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow and run a budget for next year.


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