Software piracy is a serious matter in Nigeria. By purchasing counterfeit financial software, not only are you violating the law and the intellectual rights of software authors, you are also putting your PC, mobile phone,  and private business at risk of damage and security threats.

Counterfeit accounting and office software like QuickBooks, Anti-Virus and  Microsoft Office Packages are most often sold at Computer Village, Ikeja. Although it is possible that it could be a good copy of the original software, it is more than likely to be defective and possibly even dangerous.

Here are dangers of Pirated software

Yes! We are aware they may be offered at a cheap price, but you’ll certainly end up spending more that you expected.

Here are a few reasons why:

System Crash & Loss Of Data

  • Pirated accounting software can cause your computer to crash. This can, in turn, cost you a lot of time and there’s even the possibility that you could lose files or data that cannot be replaced. In the worst case scenario, the counterfeit software could cause irreparable damage to your PC and all other software installed.

Exposure Of Financial Information to Hackers 

  • Counterfeit accounting software, most of the times, contain spyware which loads onto your computer and reports personal information (internet banking details) without your knowledge. This data includes ATM details, email address and bank account numbers, passwords and address books, all of which can be immediately exploited by identity thieves.

Software Upgrade Issues

  • Did you also know that Cyber thieves occasionally take advantage of software upgrades to hack into PCs. Software vendors provide patches in order to fix these vulnerabilities. However, if your software is counterfeit, during system upgrade to a higher version, you may not get a direct fix from providers which makes your PC vulnerable to attacks.

How to avoid being a victim

To avoid falling victim to software pirates, we advise you to follow these simple tips:

  • Make sure that you only purchase accounting software from reputable companies. For instance, if you opt for QuickBooks, you can click here for a list of authorized dealers in Nigeria.

     Authorised Dealers in Nigeria, Click Here

  • If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary of extremely reduced prices and double-check the site’s authenticity.
  • Confirm that merchant’s offers software license registration and upgrade support.

If you think that you may have purchased counterfeit software, it is important that you contact the software maker’s legitimate dealers in your area.

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