Effective training programs help ensures that employee behaviour is well in line with organisational policies, goals, and values, as well as compliance regulations. Yet given the number of organisational stakeholders and constantly-changing training requirements, it is becoming increasingly challenging to effectively manage training programs.

The PayDayNG Training Management Solution simplifies training and learning management by replacing manual training applications and processes with a cohesive and automated training management system. The solution extends across the enterprise, integrating and mapping together training data, courses, curricula, trainees, schedules, and more.

The Training Management module in PayDayNG ensures your employees are always effectively equipped for increased productivity periodically as the need arises. With PayDayNG you can enrol an employee in any location for a training course scheduled to take place at a different location. Also, this process does not progress without approvals from superiors and line managers.

 It also has a Document Master that allows you to properly document all training and you can be sure that employees are always accessing and training on the updated document version as each new or revised document will be uploaded. Since training due dates are tracked automatically, you can be sure that all training activities will be completed in time, and training histories are updated on the go.

A sneak peeks of the training module of PayDayNG



Why PayDayNG Training Management System

Access, maintain and manage all of your training metrics in a singular location. PayDayNG training manager allows you to:

  • Track the progress and completion of training programs.
  • Assign required training by individual, job function, or group.
  • Schedule and manage training sessions.
  • Record attendance, training completion, and cancellations.
  • Print employee training plans.
  • Track training costs by Group, Individual, Course, Category, or Supervisor.
  • Save file attachments associated with the records.
  • Import master course and personnel data.
  • Export data and reports to various formats.
  • Send class session reminders by email.

For more information on how we can simplify and automate your training process using PayDayNG Payroll Solution, connect with our support centre on 01-4542116 or 08173943723.