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Payroll & HRMS

Key Features

  • Employee Information Leave Management System
  • Time Management System
  • Payroll Management System
  • Email Notification and Verification Transfer
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Promotion and Increments Exit-Separation
  • Notification and verification
  • Recruitment Management
  • HRD Procedures
  • Training & Development


The success of an Organization lies in the effectiveness of its workforce or manpower. Effective Employee Management has become a necessity for organizations to meet their growth targets. Hiring people and getting work done has become an order of the past. Assessing an Organizations needs and getting the best people to fulfill them has become the most crucial work for HR departments and to harness that potential and successfully manage the manpower of a company is becoming the biggest challenge for HR managers.

PayDayNg Human Resources and Payroll unravels the myth of outsourcing, once believed to be a great time and money saver. During payroll processing, for example, your payroll staff performs the bulk of the work whether you outsource the calculations or not. Source data input is a major time consumer during payroll runs, while the time your payroll vendor spends on calculations is minor in comparison.

Using PayDayNg Human Resources and Payroll, data entry and calculations are completed in-house, lowering your overall cost per transaction and saving you the minimum or basic processing fees your vendor charges.

Why PayDayNg?

  • Affordable, effective, easy to use, delightful and modern HR and Payroll solution
  • Web Application & Cloud Benefits
  • Collaboration features i.e., Approval Workflow, Email Alerts & Notifications, Employee & Reporting Manager wise Dashboard
  • Advance Role Management features i.e., Role tailored Concept
  • Employee/Manager Self Service
  • Powerful Reporting Options
  • Advanced and Latest Technology Support
  • It is a Customizable according to your requests
  • Data Migration toolkit
  • User-friendly interface & paperless office
  • Export to Excel/PDF from all the Pages and Reports
  • Prediction reports like Gratuity Payment & Employee Absent etc…
  • Employee Survey, Newsletter Publishing, HR Policies, Disciplinary Builder, HR & Employee Document Library, HR Budget
  • Legal Compliance Setup
  • Audit Trial or Log tracking
  • Technology upgrade- up to date with future technologies
  • All masters/setups are dynamic
  • Advance Search facility