There are four basic areas of growth a business should focus on which, when managed properly, can make owners understand their businesses more; there are Accounting, Payroll, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Point of Sale (POS)

An Accounting system lets you track all revenue and expense channels, understand where most of the money are coming from, inventory position and what’s actually eating part of it. Payroll opens up a simple system for managing your staff salaries and deductions, the customer relationship management platform (CRM) effectively monitors how you have been able to convert your leads to sales while POS, though recommended for retail outlets, tracks all sales from walk-in and existing customers.

Ordinarily, if you are to be on top of each of these core areas effectively and on real time, then you should be prepared to buy software¬†for your Accounting Transactions, Payroll Management, Point Of Sale, and Customers’ Lead Management separately.

I guess your estimate of what it will cost you to get these softwares is as good as ours!

What if we show you a new financial software designed for growing businesses, that aren’t ready to buy an ERP but wants to have their accounting, payroll, POS, CRM system in one place at an affordable rate?

It’s dubbed MAT Financial Software, a simple, affordable and flexible system designed for growing businesses in Nigeria.