Preparing your company’s financial statement is no longer something you will do in your closet, submit to management and earn an applaud from company’s stakeholders.

The game has changed to a more acceptable standard of preparation – IFRS.

With the challenges confronting conversions, income and expenses recognitions, & asset and liabilities valuation, there is a need to consult a reliable IFRS expert assistance who will guide you in achieving a hitch-free migration.

That is why Magnet Consulting Associates Limited has partnered with Data Prime Limited in bringing Draftworx to Nigeria.

Draftworks is a financial report and electronic audit working paper that helps auditors and accountants to prepare an IFRS compliant financial statement in fifteen minutes.


Learn more on Draftworx, click here  DraftWorx is quite easy to set up. If you are having any challenges, consult us for FREE!! CONNECT with us on  09092942048, 08175420054 or SEND us your request:

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