A talented and skilled workforce is the blood bank of every organization and organizations are constantly in the pursuit to achieve goals- this is precisely what drives companies and enable them to improve.

Performance management is a way of evaluating and improving performance and maintaining high performance of employees and departments in an organization.

Without a system to track strategic goals and objectives in real-time, you cannot ensure that employee goals are aligned with the organizational strategy. Goal alignment also allows you to constantly measure against employee goals and immediately assess risk areas when goals aren’t being met as quickly as the organization would like.

Performance management software also helps managers and HR personnel’s write accurate job profiles and anticipation, create relevant objectives that align with the company’s goals and mission, and evaluate individual employee performance, measure organizational results on a continuous basis, and write appraisals.

PayDayNG performance management module automatically tracks all activities that ensure goals are consistently met in an effective and efficient manner. Whether you are managing performance development, or strategic alignment and goal setting, PayDayNG help aligns your employees with the plan and drive performance improvement.

The PMS module of the PayDayNG comprises of both the qualitative and quantitative evaluation method that captures every aspect of an employee’s performance. The system is flexible enough to accommodate any specific and peculiar evaluation needs of an organization.

It also supports reviews and key performance indicators (KPI) with full reporting visibility through the dashboard.

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With the PayDayNG performance management module, HR personnel’s can:

  • Set up performance appraisals
  • Manage performance reviews
  • Set up and manage goals aligned with the company’s vision
  • Set up skills assessment and manage employee competency
  • Set up KPI target
  • View performance and productivity, using PayDayNG analytic tools
  • Manage employee Talent profiles
  • Remotely review employee feedback
  • Generate performance, skill assessment, talent profile reports.